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Commission Photography License
Commissioned pictures are licensed for use in two main ways. First way is a PR licence, which covers first use by newspapers or magazines of the images sent out with press releases. PR commissions are normally charged a higher rate to cover potentially numerous publication of the images.

Second way is for first British and Irish publication in an internal newsletter, magazine or annual report. There after any re-use is by reproduction fee per use.

There are two ways of charging for website license. First is to give a licence for 12 months at the time of the commissioning with 50 per cent more on the commission fee to cover the online use. The second way is to charge a repro licence on a monthly basis for as long as the picture remains on line. The reason for the additional charges for Website use is the picture is published electronically as a digital image and often copied and reproduced by people unlawfully.

Examples of Photoline Photographic Agency licences:

Copyright © Kevin Cooper Photoline NUJ E-mail: Commission Photographic Licensed first British and Irish publication rights for 1st use no fee Published pictures must be by-lined

Copyright © Kevin Cooper Photoline NUJ E-mail: Licensed for PR 1st use no repro fee Published pictures must be by-lined

Clients must supply 2 copies of your publication to Photoline on publication. All reproductions of photographs must be credited "photographers name & (Photoline)". If in doubt as to the photographers’ name, check the "file info" with the photograph file open in Adobe Photoshop. A photo credit/by-line is obligatory.

All photographs remain the property and copyright of the photographers and are protected under United Kingdom & International copyright laws. All moral and intellectual rights are asserted under the Copyright Designs & Patents Act 1988. The photographs are not model released and may only be used for editorial purposes. The photographs are for reproduction in conventional hard copy print media. Copyright clearance and rates for any other use e.g. use on web sites, must be negotiated with Photoline Photographic Agency before publication.